A word on “precision” and “clarity”

Engineering is a science, one that requires great care and attention to detail and one which relies heavily on the sharing of research and information.  In order for you to be a successful engineer, it is essential that you develop the ability to document and share your research with as much precision and clarity as the labs upon which they are based. For this reason, you will find that your papers are graded more stringently in the Mechanical Engineering Department than they might be in other classes you have taken in the English Department. While the strictness of the grading might be frustrating to some of you at the start, please keep in mind that the purpose of these English grades is to help you to communicate as precisely and effectively as possible.  Problems that appear to be just “little things” to a student will take on the aura of carelessness and sloppiness in the professional world.  When you produce a document for a professor (or employer), they cannot help but notice when you make careless mistakes. One or two misspelled words will probably not get you fired—but, depending on who is going to be reading your document and where in the document these mistakes occur, these mistakes will most likely be noticed, and your reputation is likely to be negatively affected as they accumulate.